HST Not Included in SABS Limits for Attendant Care and Other Benefits


According to the FSCO’s June 17, 2015 bulletin, “HST is a tax and is not part of the benefit limits set out in SABS“.

Before the June 1, 2016 changes to SABS, those who became catastrophically impaired as a result of a motor vehicle accident had policy limits of $1 million for medical and rehabilitation benefits and $1 million for attendant care. Now this has been reduced to $1 million in policy limits for medical and rehabilitation benefits and attendant care benefits combined.

Despite the FSCO bulletin which clearly indicates that HST is to be excluded from policy limits, some insurers are still including it. This means that clients reach their limits faster and are cut off from services prematurely. They also are receiving a reduced amount of support for attendant care and medical and rehabilitation services each month and overall.

When providing services for clients, providers should find out if the insurer is including HST in the limits. It can make an impactful difference for people who really need help.