New PSW Vetting Services


Do you have clients post-settlement looking to budget by hiring their own Personal Support Workers?

We know that the hiring process can be much more difficult than it seems, especially for someone with cognitive impairments.  We hope to help clients with their success (while they maintain independence and budget accordingly) post-settlement.

Because of the foreseen need arising with our own clients, we’ve decided to provide a service to help clients with the task of vetting PSWs willing to work independently. This way vulnerable clients can still maintain the level of independence that they desire and obtain assistance that is more affordable to them.

For a flat rate we will screen and interview three candidates that meet the requirements of the clients. The clients can then meet the candidates and choose which PSW(s) they would like to work with independently.

If the clients would rather us supervise the PSWs and provide support regularly, of course these fees are waived.

For more information please contact us at 1-844-505-7755 or email

This is a trial service and will be offered until end of July 2018. If you think this service may be of value in the future (even if you don’t have current clients who it could help) we would appreciate your feedback.