Personal Support Worker Day Contest


May 19 is Personal Support Worker Day and we celebrated by having a contest where our workers submitted a few sentences on why they enjoy being a Personal Support Worker and/or what it means to them. The winning prize was a $50 gift certificate of their choice.

Here were some of our submissions:

“I love being a PSW because I love helping and caring for people who are sick, elderly and disabled. It means I am proud of my job, helping patients with personal care, meds, therapy, daily living activities. I feel very rewarded and happy when I help people in need.”

-Esther, Etobicoke

“I enjoy working as a PSW because at this point in my life it is no longer about me or my selfish ways, but more about helping people that have entered a stressful time in their life. It’s about having them know that you will be there and see them through whatever difficult time that they may be facing. It’s about making your client feel safe, relaxed and secure when they may feel alone, depressed and useless. It’s about empowering a client with dignity and self-respect that may have been taken away from them because of whatever circumstance they have endured. It’s about building more of a personal relationship with each client so that they feel that this is more than just an employee/client business transaction. It is about being a decent human being.”

-Kevin, Oshawa

“To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be RICH, BEAUTIFUL, or PERFECT. You just have to CARE.”

– Lisa, Barrie

“I love being a PSW because being a compassion person I can help people in need, being respectful and empathetic. Understanding each client’s situation and providing support to help clients and their families reach their goals and assisting throughout the clients progress is what being a PSW means to me.”

-Ana, Toronto

“I chose to be a PSW because I wanted to improve the lives of others and it has been a very rewarding experience. I have worked with some incredible PSW’s over the years that demonstrate such selflessness and dedication and I take comfort in the fact that in my time of need, I know I will receive this kind of compassion.”

-Andy, Port Perry

“I chose to be a PSW because it allows me the privilege to be someones strength in their time of need. It allows me the opportunity to meet and serve people who live in my community. I also feel like everyday I made a difference to someone and that matters to me. I appreciate that one day I too will need assistance and I do my job knowing that the respect I give to my clients is the respect I hope to get in return.”

-Lori, Midland

We chose the following as the winning submission:

“A PSW has a front line role with residents, clients, family and other team members. To me being a PSW means that I’m in place to show versatility to each person I come in contact with, to share empathy to great extents and understand that I am important to them, as they are to myself. There are times when words are not enough, or times when a line cannot be crossed, but being all of these things above, I believe it makes being a PSW a very natural part of life.”

Congratulations to Melanie from Barrie.

But all submissions were great so we decided to provide a Tim’s card to all participants.

Happy PSW Day and THANK YOU to our wonderful workers!